We have three innovative quality programs that represent the framework of Full Circle Center Inc.

URBAN Program: (Understanding-Realities-Building-Alternative-Networks)TM is designed to restore adults and juveniles with the supplemental resources they need to channel positive behaviors. We seek to provide families and individuals with a solid basis for learning and growth. Education is the foundation of human potential.TM  This unique initiative strives to enhance self-awareness, confidence, life, readiness, and coping skills as well as behavioral and/or social functioning.

Building Rainbows Program: Is established to empower girls and women by providing activities that promote leadership, well-being, economic, personal and social development. This initiative strives to find innovative ways to overcome conditions standing between them and their potential.

Wellness Program: Focuses on promoting a healthy state of being by providing information about various topics including: physical, social, financial, and emotional areas.  The purpose of this program is to raise community consciousness about some of the issues impacting underserved low-income communities which include access to health care & Rx drug coverage, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, HIV/Aids, breast & prostate cancer, poverty, financial management, etc. We strive to build supportive networks, increase awareness & prevention.